Server architecture

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Server Space Quota

Group MailHome
Faculty 1000 MB5000 MB
Ph.D. 1000 MB2500 MB
Staff 500 MB1000 MB
Course 500 MB1000 MB
Admin 500 MB1000 MB
M.Tech 500 MB1500 MB
Dual 500 MB1000 MB
B.Tech 500 MB1000 MB

Important Note

  • You mail area or INBOX is sitting on gemini and its IP is However, you cannot access it directly.
  • Your home area can be accessed by ssh to (tula) for faculty, staff, admin, and course accounts or ssh to 10.102.22 (makar) for all other users including all students.
  • Your home area can also be used for storing mails as well as your html pages or any other files.
  • Department DOES NOT assume any responsibility for the backup of user data in case of hard disk crash