Faculty Leave Interface


  • Acccess only to the faculty and hod
  • Report problems to help@civil.iitb.ac.in

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    Instructions for usage

    • This facility is now availble for applying only CL (casual leave) and SCL (special causal leave). The system will not understand whether it is saturday, sunday, or holiday. The leave approved once by HOD cannot be cancelled.
    • This being the testing period, you may also apply on hard copy for CL.
    • Please enter the leave interface using your civil login id and password.
    • Once, you entered the start date, you may require to fill up whether it is from FN (fore noon) or AN (afternoon).
    • Then you have to enter the end date and you may require to fill up whether it is up to FN or AN.
    • It is possible to apply for half day leave. For example, if you enter 24-10-2009/FN as the start date and 24-10-2009/FN as the end date, the the system will treat the leave as half day.
    • Then you have to enter whether it is CL or SCL.
    • The system will show you the current CL balance and total SCL taken so far.
    • The system will not allow you:
      1. Apply leave three days prior to the current date and after the first month of the next year.
      2. The end date has to be after the start date.
      3. The CL duration should be less than or equal to the balance available.
      4. You have to give some reason for the leave.
    • The system will then ask to submit the details. Before that it will ask for your confirmation.
    • Once you submit, then the system will send a mail to HOD with a copy to you.
    • HOD can approve, reject, or ask for clarification. You will be notified by mails about the status by mail. You can also login to the system to see the status.
    • If HOD ask for clarification, you can see his query in the remarks column and click on the clarify botton to give your response. HOD can ask any number of time the calarification and you can respond that may time. All the clarifications will be shown in your interface.