Structural: PB, AG, RS, YMD, RSJ, KMB, NKC, SG, SB, MI, AD, AL, JG, SBB, MR, MK, TK,
Transportation: KVKR, TVM, GRP, PV, DVS, AM, NV,
Hydraulics: AKR, KG, TIE, VJ, MJR, SBG, AMO, BSP,
Remote Sensing: EPR, RR, JI,
Ocean: MCD, RB, MRB,
Construction Technology & Mgmt.: PN, VSD, MS, CMD,

M.C. Deo
Professor, Ocean Engineering

Ocean engineering(wave hydrodynamics, ocean structures, statistical and stochastic analysis, neural networks and soft computing); Hydrology (neural networks and soft computing);
Phone: +91 22 2576 7330 webpage

P. Banerji, (On Lien)
Professor, Structural Engineering

Earthquake vibration control; Damage detection in structures; Guided wave propagation and scattering in structures; Condition/health monitoring of bridge structures;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7334 webpage

A. Goyal
Professor, Structural Engineering

Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering; Vibration control; Seismic hazard assessment; Service life assessment, repair, rehabilitation and retrofitting of RC buildings;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7342 webpage

A.K. Rastogi
Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Aquifer remediation strategies; Groundwater systems planning and management; Inverse modelling of the aquifers and auto calibration of field models; Coastal aquifer hydrodynamics modelling;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7331 webpage

R. Sinha
Professor, Structural Engineering

Dynamic behaviour of structures and equipment; Development and design of energy-absorbing and base-isolating devices; Earthquake resistant design and vulnerability evaluation of structures and facilities;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7336 webpage

D.N. Singh
Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Phone: +91 22 2576 7340 webpage

Y.M. Desai
Professor, Structural Engineering

Finite element analysis; Analysis and control of vibrations; Structural dynamics; Composite mechanics; Rehabilitation of deteriorated structures; Computational mechanics;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7333 webpage

K.V.Krishna Rao (Head of the Department)
Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Sustainable urban transportation planning;Land use transport modelling;Travel survey design and analysis;Travel behaviour and choice modelling;Air travel demand modelling;Capacity and level of service of traffic facilities;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7305 webpage

R.S. Jangid
Professor, Structural Engineering

Base isolation for earthquake-resistant design; Vibration control using tuned mass dampers; Non-linear dynamic analysis; Non-classically damped systems; Stochastic earthquake analysis; Active control of structures;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7346 webpage

Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Centrifugemodelling; Environmental geotechnics; Soil reinforcements; Slope stabilization; Waste materials utilization;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7344 webpage

Kapil Gupta
Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Urban drainage/storm water management; Flood resilient smart cities; Urban water infrastructure management; Hydrologic disaster management;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7324 webpage

T.I. Eldho
Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Groundwater flow and pollution investigation; Computational fluid dynamics; Coastal hydrodynamics; Watershed management; Application of numerical methods in water and environment;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7339 webpage

K.M. Bajoria
Professor, Structural Engineering

Computer aided design of structures; Earthquake resistant structures; Nonlinear structures; Nuclear containment structures; Structural stability; Structural dynamics;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7332 webpage

Naresh K. Chandiramani
Professor, Structural Engineering

Nonlinear dynamics; Stability and control; Computational mechanics; Solid mechanics;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7311 webpage

Tom V. Mathew
Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Traffic flow modeling and simulation; Transportation network optimization, Traffic control and management;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7349 webpage

Deepankar Choudhury
Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Earthquakegeotechnical engineering; Soil-structure interaction problems; Centrifuge modelling of geotechnical structures; Numerical and analytical modelling of retaining wall, anchor, shallow and deep foundations; Swelling of soil; Soil Dynamics; Machine Foundations.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7335 webpage

V. Jothiprakash
Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Physical and Stochastic Hydrology,Water Resources Systems, WaterResourcesEngineering, Hydrology, Fluid Mechanics and Machinery, Geographical Information System, CAD in Civil Engineering
Phone: +91 22 2576 7315 webpage

Siddhartha Ghosh
Professor, Structural Engineering

Earthquake engineering; Reliability of structures; Structural dynamics; Vulnerability/fragility assessment; Risk analysis; Uncertainty quantification; Structural steel; Cold-formed steel; Inelastic analysis and design; Stone block masonry
Phone: +91 22 2576 7309 webpage

Ashish Juneja
Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

In-situ and laboratory engineering properties of soil; Numerical and physical modelling ingeotechniques; Earthwork; Ground improvement
Phone: +91 22 2576 7327 webpage

E.P. Rao
Emeritus Fellow (Associate Professor), Remote Sensing

Runoff modelling of watersheds; Optimization of water distribution systems; Remote sensing applications to water resources;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7345 webpage

J.N. Mandal
Emeritus Fellow (Professor) , Geotechnical Engineering

Centrifuge modeling of geosynthetic reinforced soil structures; Municipal/Hazardous waste landfills; Tsunami reconstruction with geosynthetic containment systems; Ground improvement techniques; Geo-synthetic testing; Nano technology (Smart geosynthetic);Numerical analysis and computer Aided Design of geosynthetic reinforced soil retaining walls and slopes, Pavements, Embankments, Reflection cracking,coastal and waterway Erosion control, Dewatering, Filtration and drainage.;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7328 webpage

Sauvik Banerjee
Associate Professor, Structural Engineering

Structural health monitoring using vibration and wave based approaches,Condition assessment of structures using NDT, Ultrasonic NDE and imaging of materials, Passive acoustic emission (AE) monitoring of structures,Guided wave propagation, Modelling of laminated composite and sandwich structures, FRP retrofitting of structures, Impact response of structures.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7301 webpage

Mandar Inamdar
Associate Professor, Structural Engineering

Application of structural, solid, fluid, and statistical mechanics to biological systems; Mechanics of bio-polymer networks; Cellular adhesion and motility; DNA mechanics; Mechanics of bio-films
Phone: +91 22 2576 7314 webpage

Manne Janga Reddy
Associate Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Evolutionary algorithms for WRS optimization; Reservoir operation, Water supply systems; Surface water hydrology and Watershed management; Statistical modeling and forecasting, Risk analysis of Floods and droughts; Copulas for uncertainty modeling; Applications of softcomputing Techniques in WRM; Impacts of climate change on water resources and agriculture;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7320 webpage

S. Murthy Dasaka
Associate Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Site characterization; Stability of foundations and slopes; Limit state design; Risk assessment and reliability analysis; Code calibration; Management ofgeohazards; Ground improvement; Landfill engineering; Experimentalgeomechanics and centrifuge modelling
Phone: +91 22 2576 7316 webpage

Subimal Ghosh
Associate Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Applications of Probability and Statistics, Risk Based Approach, Fuzzy Systems Theory, ImreciseProbability, Possibility Theory, Water Resources Systems, Water Quality Management, Reservoir Operation, Hydro climatology
Phone: +91 22 2576 7319 webpage

Gopal R. Patil
Associate Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Transportation systems planning; Transportation network optimization; Traffic operations; and Freight transportation modeling.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7308 webpage

P. Vedagiri
Associate Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Traffic Safety, Modeling Pedestrian Behavior, Traffic Flow Modeling and Simulation, Traffic Management and Control, Public Transit System Design and Operation.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7307 webpage

Balaji Ramakrishnan
Associate Professor, Ocean Engineering

Coastal engineering, wave-structure interaction, tidal hydrodynamics, coastal processes
Phone: +91 22 2576 7321 webpage

Prakash Nanthagopalan
Assistant Professor, Construction Technology & Mgmt.

High performance concrete, mineral and chemical admixtures, sustainable construction materials, rheology of cement based materials
Phone: +91 22 2576 7323 webpage

RAAJ Ramsankaran
Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing

Remote sensing and GIS applications, High definition surveying, Surface hydrological processes
Phone: +91 22 2576 7348 webpage

Dharamveer Singh
Assistant Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Characterization of Pavement Materials (Asphalt, Hot Mix Asphalt, Soil, and Aggregates), Recycled Asphalt Mixes, Warm Mix Asphalt, Locally Available Materials, Stabilization of Soil and Aggregates, Intelligent Asphalt Compaction, Constitutive Modeling of Pavement Materials, Simple Performance Tests (Rutting, Fatigue, Dynamic Modulus) on Asphalt Mixes, Pavements (Flexible and Rigid) Design and Evaluation, Forensic Investigation of Pavements, Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Phone: +91 22 2576 7304 webpage

Avijit Maji
Assistant Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

Innovative intersection and interchange design;Geometric design;Operational effects of geometric design;Performance based geometric design;Safety;Alignment design;Path planning
Phone: +91 22 2576 7338 webpage

Nagendra R Velaga
Assistant Professor, Transportation Systems Engineering

(1)Traffic and Intelligent Transportation Systems (2) Transportation accessibility and mobility (3) GIS and GNSS applications in transport
Phone: +91 22 2576 7341 webpage

Manasa Ranjan Behera
Assistant Professor, Ocean Engineering

Ocean and Coastal Engineering; Computational Ocean and Coastal Hydrodynamics; Modelling of Tide, Storm and Tsunami; Impact of Changing Climate; Wave and Tidal Energy; Wave-Current Interaction; Multi-phase Flow
Phone: +91 22 2576 7313 webpage

Amit Das
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Computational Mechanics, Finite element analysis, Field dislocation mechanics, Analysis of PDEs, Grain boundary modeling
Phone: +91 22 2576 7301 webpage

Arghadeep Laskar
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Experimental Study of Reinforced and PrestressedConcrete, Finite Element Analysis of Concrete Structures, Seismic Simulation.
Phone: +91 22 2576 5326 webpage

Santiram Chatterjee
Assistant Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Offshore geotechnical engineering, Pipelinegeotechnics, Numerical modelling, Offshore soil characterization.
Phone: +91 22 2576 5327 webpage

Jayadipta Ghosh
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Structural reliability and risk assessment;Earthquake engineering; Ageing and corrosion deterioration problems; Seismic fragility analysis;Bridge engineering; Machine learning
Phone: +91 22 2576 7337 webpage

Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi
Assistant Professor, Construction Technology & Mgmt.

Infrastructure project governance, construction project management, organization in construction projects and infrastructure sustainability, Structural Engineering
Phone: +91 22 2576 5325 webpage

J Indu
Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing

Microwave Remote Sensing; Uncertainty in Radar based Rainfall; Nowcasting of precipitation; Applications of Remote Sensing in hydrology and water resources engineering; Image processing using Syntheic Aperture Radar (SAR); Fuzzy logic.
Phone: +91 22 2576 9304 webpage

Swagata Basu
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Earthquake Engineering, Structural Resilience, Risk and Reliability Analysis under Multiple Hazards.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7317 webpage

Prasenjit Basu
Assistant Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Energy geotechnics; Engineering of foundations; Computational geomechanics; Soil-foundation-structure interaction.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7312 webpage

Meera Raghunandan
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Earthquake engineering, Probabilistic seismic risk analysis of structures, Performance prediction of structures under dynamic loads, Building code Evaluation.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7322 webpage

Arpita Mondal
Assistant Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Detection, Attribution and Impact of Climate Change, Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Hydroclimatic Extremes, Regionalization and Frequency Analysis of Floods and Droughts, Risk Assessment under Non-stationarity, Urban Flooding, Hydrologic Statistics and Machine Learning, Uncertainty Modeling.
Phone: +91 22 2576 9305 webpage

Muhammad Salman
Assistant Professor, Construction Technology & Mgmt.

Construction materials, Concrete technology, Alkali activation, geopolymerisation, Mineral carbonation, Slags.
Phone: +91 22 2576 9306 webpage

Manish Kumar
Assistant Professor, Structural Engineering

Earthquake engineering, seismic isolation, blast and impact resistant structures
Phone: +91 22 2576 7301 webpage

B. S. Pani
Adjunct Professor, Water Resources Engineering

Diffusion of jets and plumes; Multiple diffusers; Off-shore pipelines; Scour problems and cooling water structures;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7318 webpage

D.M. Dewaikar
Adjunct Professor, Geotechnical Engineering

Foundation engineering; Numerical techniques;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7325 webpage

Tarun Kant
Adjunct Professor, Structural Engineering

Solid mechanics; Finite element and other numerical methods; Polymer composites; Composite and computational mechanics;
Phone: +91 22 2576 7310 webpage

Cyrus M Dordi
Adjunct Professor, Construction Technology & Mgmt.

High performace concrete, quality control, and quality assurance.
Phone: +91 22 2576 7301 webpage